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Frequently asked questions

1. Are the tours private with just my group?

A – We only offer exclusive and private tours for groups. Who you book is who is on board only. Well and the driver but we blend in pretty well.

2. How do I secure a booking & when is full payment due ?
A – A $150 deposit is due to hold bookings. We require full payment no later then 7 days before your tour date.

3. Can we pick our own lunch venue or venue to visit ?

A – This is a popular question and yes we can. Please advise us of your preferred venues and we can book them for you or assist you in anyway (extra costs may apply).

4. Can you pick us up at our home or an accommodation?
A – Any location is possible with discussion. Please advise at the time of booking. (extra costs may apply).

5. Can we be picked up at one address and dropped back later at a different one?
A – That’s easy of course. Please advise so we know well before your tour date and we will arrange with you (extra costs may apply).

6. Can we pick a time for you to pick us up at and return us by?
A – Sure thing, please advise at time of enquiry what times suit you best.

More Questions Answered Below

7. Can we sneak a stop at the dairy or chocolatier on the tour?
A – Its a nice change of flavour so absolutely (subject to the itinerary permitting).

8. Can we change the day as we go if we want to visit somewhere else then what’s planned ?
A – Yes we can always discuss the plan and adjust where possible. We can be very flexible (subject to the itinerary permitting).

9. If we enjoy a venue on the day, can we stay longer at it ?
A – 99% of the time YES, we are happy for you to stay longer, but please advise your driver so they can advise the next venues of the new arrangements.

10. What’s the cancellation policy?
A – For more information head to our terms and conditions page just here >> Please click here for more T&Cs.

11. Can we use the vehicle Bluetooth for music on the road?
A – Yes – at Evergreen we are ready to hear your questionable high notes and may even join in.

12. Can we bring some snacks to eat and water?
A – Sure thing, its a whole day so snacks and water will assist in between the drinks.

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